The Battle at the Shores of El Dorado

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12th July 1565

We Departed 2 weeks ago in search of this Damn Island! Food and water are Running Short. I Pray that we find land soon otherwise I have condemned my crew to die over a fantasy

Beth is sick again. Scurvy I recon, she might not make it this time. I pray we find land soon for her sake at least

Captain William

He Closed his diary for the night wondering once again if this entry would be his last. He walked out of his quarters, troubled by the Storm wing above. “JOHN” He bellowed at the top of his Lungs “Yes Captain” A voice above shouted back. “Please tell me you see the Island we should be pretty Close” William enquired urgently

“Nothing but rain and Clouds for miles Ahead” “Shit” He strolled towards Beth‘s Quarters to check up on her. He Stood in front of her door thinking what to say Before He could knock, She Shouted “Come in William’

“How are you,” He asked, seeing her shrunken eyes and pale brown skin. “I AM FINE” She replied like I have been telling you for the past week. “No, you are not you can’t even stand straight”

“ Yes I can, Want to see how well I can punch you? She smiled Swinging her fist but stumbled and fell. Thankfully William caught her in the nick of time. “That was very fearsome indeed,” He remarked smiling for the first time in days

‘Shut Up… Why did you put John on scouting duty anyway? We both know he has buttons for eyes! I am the navigator. I should be up there! I can help and you know it. It’s pouring outside and you have a high Fever if you go out you might run the risk of losing your life.

If I don’t go, we will all die! Don’t you get that? I am the navigator It’s my duty to see that this ship reaches its destination”

With that, she was about to storm off when Richard Poked his head in.

“WHAT” They both Shouted. Then glared at each other

Richard smiled and said “John Found land’

They both sighed with relief and hugged each other

“Finally that brick for brains is good for something’ they laughed all the tension evaporating for a moment

John entered laughing “You realize I just saved all our lives and yet I am not seeing any gratitude” Richard punched his arm lightly “ We can thank you once we get some lemonade to Beth”

“You go up and Scout ahead and navigate the way as the weather is pretty terrible but the worst is behind us” “ Where is Tom ?”

John explained he was in the back fixing the damage the Ship had taken over the storm

William breathed a sigh of relief and went on to the front to see this mysterious Island with his own eyes

As he Spotted a Dark smudge of Land he wondered if it held the treasure the map promised when they had set out weeks ago. As he Brooded in thought he saw a black thing coming towards him. Is it a bird? Is it a rock? As it came closer he saw it. IT WAS A CANNONBALL. His Instincts kicked in. He ducked to the side as the explosion flung him off his feet into the mast

His Head Rang and his vision blurred as he saw more cannons hurtling towards him. They had been followed. DAMN IT he cursed. He had left his allies and warship behind in favor of a speedy Galleon to traverse the weather patterns. Speedy it was but Battle worthy to no extent, if the shelling continued they would sink in no time

He raised his head to see the ship that had shelled his Ship. A pirate flag with a Skull with Scars over its left eye. Edward Longshanks. “That Spineless Coward didn’t have the guts to take on my Flagship, la Real, a Mighty Man of War that dominated the Caribbean” He Cursed

He Got up just to see another Cannonball Slam into the back of the Ship. He Raced to find his Crew. They had to board the Shelling Vessel as Naval warfare would only lead to death
He screamed for Tom but his Black Skin was almost impossible to find in the pitch-black night

When he found the big built man of African Origin, He was greeted with his usual Sarcastic remarks, He Roared ‘ You said this would be like a Vacation, the hell is Edward doing here’

William amused added “ Maybe he got jealous” ‘Time to free him from this world’
Tom in a serious note added “You are family William Your father named me and freed my family from slavery and treated me like he did you” “if we fall today remember I will stay by your side”

William Chukled, Once again in awe of the loyalty of his Brother but he rest assured there is no way Edward will be the cause of this Crew’s Downfall. As he was looking around, Beth Stormed up to them “ I was sleeping what is going on” She sounded pissed which was not good, even though she didn’t know the specifics She was ready to fight with 9 throwing knives hanging from a belt and she could fling those faster than you can blink

William Replied “ Edward Followed us here” Beth Sighed “ I gave him those Scars now I will take his eye out” John used the few Cannons to carry out a Counter Barrage against the looming Man Of war

Richard finally found the Trio looking sighing “ When will Edward learn He could never Challenge us before he is way too Spineless to pull a Stunt like this” he remarked Handing William his Dual Katanas he had Stolen off a Samurai on his Trip to Japan

He Heaved his Dual matchlocks, despite his dumb face his engineering Marvel and years working as a gunsmith had allowed him to Custom make his Guns making them better in almost anything in the Caribbean

His Guns improved through his Engineering genius and research traveling around the world had allowed him to fire 3 Shots instead of the Standard one and Cutting the time to prep them by half than what it takes to reload one shot in a standard one making him one of best Gunslingers in the Empire

A cannonball drove them back to their senses they all knew they had to Board the Ship and kill Edward before they Sink and quickly too John though a talented Cannoneer Cannot hold them forever

Tom Heaved a Grappling hook allowing us to Board the Ship which had stranded close

They started to Clumsily board the Ship while two guys tried to cut the Rope but before they could move Beth Flung two knives into their throats killing them instantly

“She is pissed all right,” all three remarked as she ran through the rope with extreme precision

After boarding the ship Richard got his two Pistols out and Cried “It’s Time to Tear Shit Up” an unusual but intimidating battle cry as he shot 6 guys in a Flash and Charges ahead

Tom the beast of a man he was took on 3 guys at once with his battle-ax before dispatching them with ease, These were still the top officers of Williams Crew and not someone to messed with by fodder pirates but still, they Charged, they charged as if they were afraid of something more than death Itself. “EDWARD” William Bellowed where are you hiding while you send your Crew to die. We both know 100 more people won’t make a difference” How did you find us anyway “

“You better talk now and I will spare your life otherwise You will have to talk when I rip your fingers out any way I would recommend the first option as torture is such a drag “

After no reply, he Charged into the deck with the rest of his Crew joining him. He tore the guards desperately trying to hold them off. He went on the helm expecting Edward ready for his final encounter

But he was not ready for the sight that awaited him. Edward Longshanks, One of his main Rivals for dominance over the Caribbean was Hung on the mast crucified like a damn dog.
His famous eyepatch bearing his flag had been ripped through a knife in his empty socket

His body showed signs of a futile last stand and marks of frequent torture. William fumed “He was a pirate, a horrible man no doubt but he didn’t deserve to out like this”
‘Will…William” he groaned. William was startled to see a dead man talking and asked with heavy breaths “Who did this to you’ ‘It is him…. He’s finally ready He used me to lure you out”

Before William could ponder more on this Cryptic warning. Edward Continued “I Hate you William I am sorry I could not kill you myself but I Ain’t no Dog of His’ “RUN, It’s a trap’

Before he could realize what was going on, The Ship Exploded under Williams Feet.

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