What to Do When Someone Publishes a Similar Book to Yours

What to Do When Someone Publishes a Similar Book to Yours

When someone publishes a similar book to yours it can be scary.

Let me set the stage. You’ve been writing a story for months. Just before you can publish it and put it out there for the world to see you read a book with striking similarities to yours. It’s as if they stole your ideas straight from your head.

What do you do now?

When Someone Publishes A Similar Book to Yours Do Nothing

What do I mean by doing nothing? By this I mean do not change anything you are doing. The idea of someone else stealing your idea before you can write it is popular amongst writers. The truth is, however, it is not realistic.

Your book is unique to you. Everything including your plot, characters, settings, and writing style is unique to you. Other writers may have some similar ideas to you or even a similar writing style, but nothing they produce will look that similar when compared to your book. 

If two writers were all presented the same book idea, the odds are they would come out with drastically different products. They may have some similarities that remind the reader of the other, but they will both be different books.

Be Honest With Yourself

If you are worried that this book is similar to your book, make a list of what is similar and what is different between them. The chances are there are way more differences than you think. You are overthinking it.

It is one thing if you deliberately try to copy another book. If you coincidently write a book that happens to share a theme or some concepts with another, do not fret it.

No book is completely original. Countless books are driven by the same concepts and ideas. Many books draw inspiration from each other. Books are perhaps the best form of inspiration for a writer.

Publishes a similar book


Do not be afraid to publish your book because there are others like it. The chances are you are overthinking it. Your book is more unique than you could possibly know.

I would recommend you change nothing if a similar book to yours is published. Do not try to change things up. I wouldn’t even change your publishing schedule to put some space between your book and this similar one.

In reality, this other book has nothing to do with you and your writing journey. Focus on yourself and your book and simply ensure you put out the best book you possibly can!

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