4 Tips for Writing Guest Posts

4 Tips For Writing Guest Post

Writing strong guest posts is one of the best ways to grow your author platform. For those of you who do not know, guest posting is when you create content for another person’s website. 

There are many benefits to guest posting. For starters, it is a great way to promote more traffic to your website. It is also a great way to improve your site’s domain health, as the more external links to the site the stronger the site in search rankings and other key factors.

More importantly, guest posting allows you to create connections within the writing community. That might not seem like a lot, but when it comes to writing connections are everything.

The important part of this is writing a good guest post. Almost all these benefits go out the window if you do not create a guest post that attracts readers. Here are some tips for writing guest posts.

1. Writing Guest Posts Is Almost Like Writing a Normal Blog Post

The big issue with most poor guest posts is that the writer does not understand the point. Because the purpose of writing guest posts is to promote your site, many writers stuff links, and information about their site throughout a guest post. This makes it useless and annoying for readers.

When you write a guest post you want to take the focus away from yourself and provide something for the reader. You want to write it the way you would write any other blog post. The place to include your personal information is your author bio, on the bottom.

I have already written a full post on how to write a strong blog post so I won’t go into specifics, but here are some specifics to keep in mind.

  • Show some personality
  • Use headings to make your post easy to skim
  • Use spacing to make the post more visually appealing
  • Provide information to the reader

These are crucial steps to creating a strong blog post and it is the same for writing guest posts. It is ok to include a link to your site if it applies, but do not focus on directing traffic in the actual post.

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2. Write Guest Posts That Fit the Site

When you write a guest post, do not just write a post you would for your site. Yes, you want to put the same effort into it, if not more, but you also want it to fit the identity of the site you are posting for.

Take a look at the other post on the site. Get a feel for the tone of the site and try to incorporate it into your post. Make sure the topic you are writing about is on theme with the rest of the posts on the site. 

If the other posts are more casual, be more casual with your post. If it is more formal, try to sound formal. Matching the tone of the site can be great for the success of a guest post.

Just be sure to keep your voice when you write a post for a site. While it is great to take on the tone of the site, do not lose your voice in the process. One of the big benefits of a site taking guest posts is the ability to showcase several different voices. Make sure yours stands out!

Another great way to do this would be to create your featured image for the post. It may give your post a different feel than other posts on the site. I recommend Canva.

The Basics of Writing a Strong Blog Post
Images like this were created on Canva.

One thing to be aware of is making sure your post is very clean. By this I mean there are no grammatical errors. If your guest post is full of errors it will likely not be used. I advise putting it through Grammarly or other editing software before you submit it!

3. Find Ideal Sites to Guest Post On

Not all sites accept guest posts. Make sure a site does before you reach out with your query. 

Depending on how large a site is, it can be very easy or nearly impossible to get featured on it. For example, this site offers an opportunity to submit guest posts. All you have to do is write one and submit it. Likewise, if you want me to write a guest post for your site all you have to do is contact me.

Other sites are more particular. Find out the site’s policy on guest posts and get to work. If you have to send out a query email, be sure to tell the owner of the site (or whoever reads the emails) how you found it, and highlight some of your favorite posts. Do not be afraid to flatter. Also in your email be sure to include what you want to post about and your qualifications. If you have a sample post to show them or a site of your own, link it.

If a site does not accept your request for a guest post, do not fret it. There are plenty of sites out there that would be happy to work with you.

4. Write a Nice Author Bio

This is the part where you get to talk about yourself. At the bottom of the post tell the readers a bit about yourself and your writing platforms. You want to be concise yet interesting to get their click.

Writing Strong Guest Posts

Good things to include in your author bio are your name, your email, your site, and any social media platforms you use. Do not be afraid to brag a bit about any of your accomplishments.

Avoid making your author bio too long. Otherwise, readers may skip it.

Keep in mind, different sites have different policies on author bios. It is best if you have questions to contact the site.


Remember, when you are writing a guest post you are trying to show the readers what you have to offer. You should spend as much time if not more when you work on a guest post. Your reputation is on the line.

If you are considering writing guest posts, I highly recommend you do so. Find a site on a topic you are passionate about and you will surely enjoy the experience.

Writing guest posts is one of the best ways to grow your platform as a writer. Done correctly it can bring you plenty of new followers, readers, and even opportunities. 

If you are interested in getting started with guest posting and you are passionate about writing, consider writing a guest post for this site. You can write about writing advice, tips for growing writing platforms or even write book reviews.

If you also have a site and would like me to guest post for you, please contact me.  

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