How to Get People to Care About Your Writing

How to Get People to Care About Your Writing

Getting people to care about your writing is a crucial part of being an author. Sure it is essential to write a strong book, but in order to be a successful author, you also need to get someone to read that book.

Fortunately, there are ways to get people interested in your book. It just may not be the way that you think.

The Way Many People Try to Get People to Care About Your Writing

I see a lot of mistakes when it comes to authors trying to build followings for their upcoming books. One of them is constantly posting about characters or settings from your future novel and hoping you build a following before your book even comes out. This is not what you should be doing.

The truth is it is not easy for a new author to get people excited for a book, especially when it is not even published yet. This may sound cruel, but it makes sense. Why would people become a fan of your main character before your book is even out yet? 

It is not like you are revealing a new character for the Star Wars universe. Small insider information about your book simply is not going to interest readers.

So, What Should You Do?

As far-fetched as it may seem, what you actually want to do is market yourself. Be genuine on social media and attract people with your authentic personality. Reach out and make genuine connections. People who care about you as a person are far more likely to take an interest in what you are writing.

It is ok to sporadically post about your characters, but also post more about yourself and your journey as a writer. If you have some tips of humor to provide to others even better.

Once you finish your book you can focus more on marketing it. While you’re simply trying to grow a community around you as an author, do just that. Do not simply try to get people to obsess over your unpublished characters. Simply build a community of people you have genuine connections too.

How to Get People to Care About Your Writing


It may seem more difficult to build genuine connections with people, but it is certainly worth it. A person who cares about you as a writer is more likely to read your book share it.

This is how I have built my writing platform. On Instagram, I focus on providing content for others to enjoy and building connections. When you are just starting out as a writer do not focus on building a fan base for your book. Focus on getting people to care about you as a person and a writer.

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