4 Tips for Balancing Writing With Work

4 Tips for Balancing Writing With Work

Balancing writing with work or school can be brutal. Yet, it is something all writers will have to go through, at least at some point. After all, the bills need to be paid and you are probably not going to publish a million-dollar novel overnight.

It can easily become overwhelming to write when you have to deal with a job or classes. Understandably, they take up a majority of your time, and cutting corners to fit in more writing time is not an option. The idea alone of writing a book while also keeping a full-time job or a high average at school can seem overwhelming.

While tough, it is possible with enough motivation.

1. Finding the Time to Write and Work

Before you say there is simply no time to write in your hectic schedule, take a step back and be honest with yourself. There are always blocks of time here and there where you have nothing to do but play on your phone. Using those to write can make a big difference.

You would be surprised how finding even just a little bit of time to write each day could affect your word count. So how do you do it?

One good tip to try is writing in the morning. You can also take advantage of breaks or commutes to get some writing time. Cutting down the evening television time wouldn’t hurt either.

2. See Writing as a Reward

When you see writing as a chore, adding it to a day where you spent hours working can seem miserable. The thing is, you do not write because you have to. You do it because you love it. Rediscovering that love for writing can make it much easier to balance it with work and school.

You cannot view writing as another job you have to do. Rather, you should see it as a privilege that you get to do. This difference may seem small, but it is huge because it will help you to get more excited to write. 

Think of it as a scoop of ice cream for eating all your vegetables.

Instead of another job you have to finish when you get home, writing becomes your treat for getting your work done. Get yourself excited to go home and work on your novel every day. By making it something you look forward to doing you will be far more motivated. It may even motivate you to work harder, that way you could earn more writing time.

Writing a book is a special experience, not a chore. You should take advantage of it. Rather than rewarding yourself with a drink or some youtube time, reward yourself with the opportunity to make progress on your story!

3. Balancing Writing With Work Means Not Overwhelming Yourself

Even when you love writing, sometimes it can get to be too much. This is especially true during a busy period at work or exams at school. While it may suck, do not be afraid to put your book to the side if you feel overwhelmed.

These tips are centered around balancing writing and work. If you completely burn yourself out, you will not be able to do that. You might not even be able to do either.

If writing is becoming too much to handle in addition to a job or school, take the time to recharge. You may not be able to take a break from work, but take a break from writing. I would recommend not to take too long, but be sure to take the time you need. 

Your book is not going anywhere. If you do not have any time or simply can not find the additional motivation to write put the book aside until you are ready. Burning yourself out will accomplish nothing.

4. Take Advantage of Days Off

Balancing Writing With Work

There are very few jobs that are going to take place all seven days a week. As for schools, you almost always get the weekends (except weekends you get swamped with homework).

It can be easy to sit around and relax, but if you want to write while you have a job or go to school, days off are days you need to capitalize on.

If you need a day to recuperate take it, but on most days off you should be writing. These days off are a chance to come back and complete the word count goals you fell short of during the week.


There are certainly ways to write a book while dealing with work or school. With good time management skills, there actually should not be too much of an issue. 

You may have to adjust your word count goals. Expecting to write as many words as you did when you were constantly free is unreasonable. That being said, a book can certainly be written while you have a job or classes. 

With a good writing/work balance, this should not be too hard at all. That is of course assuming you can build up the motivation to do so!

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