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Every writer has something to share. That is why we offer the opportunity for anyone to write for us. If you have some advice you want to share with the writing community or a book you would love to review, this is the right platform for you.

Writing for FightWritersBlock.com is not easy. In order to be featured on this site, you need to produce a well-written, valuable piece of content. With a good work ethic, however, we believe any writer is capable of producing content for this site. You do not have to be an experienced writer. This site’s goal is to help writers of all different levels of experience and backgrounds, and part of that help is offering opportunities.

Content from the community is essential to the growth of FightWritersBlock.com. Every guest submission is extremely appreciated. That being said, when you write for us you are not just supporting this site. You are also helping your own writing career.

Writing for FightWritersBlock.com is rewarding. On top of your post being seen by all our viewers, you will gain experience from writing for a professional site. You will also have the opportunity to link your social platforms and or your website to grow your own writing platform. You will also feel the satisfaction of your work being published, where any potential employers, clients, or publishers can find it. Who knows what doors may open.

Blog Contributor Guidelines

Here at FightWritersBlock.com, we would like to accept all guest posts to this site. However, to write for our blog you must adhere to our rules and standards. Before you contribute a guest post read this to ensure your post goes along with our blog contributor guidelines.

We are looking for guest posts on writing tips. That extends to advice revolving around building a writing community or skills to become a professional writer. Anything that is directed around helping authors will likely be accepted. Be sure to go through the site and look to make sure no post has already covered the topic you wish to discuss. If you are unsure if a topic is a good choice for a guest post, reach out.

This site also accepts book reviews, but there is a different link for that. The focus of this page is guest post.

The desired length of a post is between 1,000 and 2,500 words. In addition your post should be edited for grammatical errors and broken up into headers to make it easy to read. Every post should include a conclusion as well to sum up the information. Check out these post on writing blog post and guest post to get a gist of what is expected. Your submission should follow a similar format. You may provide two links to social media platforms or related websites/blogs.

There is a forum below where you can submit your guest post. If you wish to include images in your post or are not comfortable submitting your post on the forum you may also email your guest post to patricknilanofficial@gmail.com.

If you would like an author box be sure to provide a short paragraph about yourself and what you want to tell the readers below the post. You may also leave a link you would like to direct the readers to and an image of yourself. If this information is not included an authors box will not appear at the bottom of the post.


Not all guest post will be accepted. If your post does not adhere to site standards it will not be posted. In addition changes may be made to your post to improve the searchability or compatibility with the site.

Thank You For Considering to Write For US

We understand writing a guest post is a significant time investment. Your contributions to this site are greatly appreciated. This site would be nothing without this great writing community.

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