The Journey

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The Journey

Dogo just informed me that it is once again time for the yearly Journey.

The ritual Journey, which cuts across the Northern region, is a much-coveted Journey among the Clan. Only the healthy and robust-looking male offspring of the Clan are chosen to embark on the Journey. This is because it is the Clan’s general belief that those who finally attain the state of being chosen and consecrated have attained true elevation.

This year, Dogo, Baka, Fara, and I were among those chosen for the Journey. We are to leave in two days via a trailer, which will arrive tomorrow alongside the Medics to administer the mandatory vaccine. I have heard that in the olden days, those chosen had to travel on foot through the thick forest for days to get to their destinations, but in recent times, conventional means of transportation have eased the burden of the Journey.

At the break of day, the chosen ones are marched into the vehicle, each bearing marks that serve as unique identifiers for various families. The marks had been given the previous day following the administration of the vaccine by the Medics.

Dogo, Baka, Fara, and I sat beside each other, munching the previous night’s leftovers. I was not thrilled to squash up with our other equals from the Clan owing to the lack of space at the trailer trunk. The Journey, however, began, and the early morning breeze lullabied me to sleep.

As we proceeded, the horizon changed. The sun began to rise, and the heat permeated my coverings through to the last layer of my skin. The sun blazed, scorching like the lava of a volcano, and the trees we sped past stood still. The little breeze that touched us while the vehicle was in motion had the same effect on my skin as my old Man’s fireplace. I longed for a bowl of water, and by the evening of that first day, when the vehicle stopped, I was the first to jump down as we all embraced the much needed refreshment break.

We arrived at the Fair the next day, and the atmosphere was buzzing with excitement as everyone was brimming in preparation for the coming festival. People came, negotiations were made, and Fara was taken first, then Baka and then myself, who had to dash with my new family leaving Dogo behind as the last of the quartet.

We hit the road again, and this time our destination was a beautiful house with a tall fence.

On arrival, I was taken to a room at the back of the house specially prepared with adequate sustenance. After taking substantive bits from the provision, I sat by a corner of the room, munching my lunch while reminiscing the fate chosen for me. A fate that is sanctimonious in the sense that it affords me the opportunity of attaining an elevated position among my pairs. These were my thoughts until I fell into a light slumber. It was an uneventful night, and I woke up to the cheerful greetings of the Faithfuls wishing upon each other blessings of the season.

After, the prescribed prayers of the Cleric, I was led to the arena prepared for the offering. My last thought as he slit my throat is that of joy and peace at being deemed fit, a symbolic replacement of one of the Creator’s beloved.

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