How to Overcome Writer’s Block

How to Overcome Writer's Block

If there is one thing every writer wants to know it is how to overcome writer’s block. Almost every writer has had to fight writer’s block at one point or another. It can make writing even the most well-outlined books seem impossible.

For some, writer’s block will fade away another time. Others will struggle with it constantly. In the worst of cases, it can make writers quit writing entirely. 

The good news is there are ways to overcome writer’s block. It may not be easy, but if you follow these tips you will be back building up your word count in no time.

Overcome Writer's Block

Overcome Writer’s Block by Being Active

Sometimes your writer’s block is not merely a lack of desire to write. It may be a lack of desire to do anything.

If you find yourself lying in bed wondering how to overcome writer’s block you may want to get up and do something. If you have some chores to do around the house get them done. Try getting some fresh air with a nice walk around the park.

When you are feeling unmotivated in general it is a good idea to get out and move. After all, Newton’s first law states an object in motion tends to stay in motion. If you are actively trying to get other things done you may end up breaking your writing slump in the process.

Open the Document to Overcome Writer’s Block

Even when writer’s block is making it tough for you to write it is important to continue opening the document and reading your work. Even when you have no motivation to write, take the steps you normally would write. Rather than giving up entirely, prepare yourself to get words on the page and see what happens. Sure it may not work, but it has a better chance of working than staring at a closed laptop from across the room.

At the very least you should read your notes and outline for the project to keep it on your mind. If you have previous drafts or chapters written you should read them in search of inspiration.

If you can, put some words on that document. It does not matter what words they are. Just get something at that blank page. A page with nothing on it can be extremely intimidating. Once words begin to fill the page the task as a whole seems far more manageable. 

Forcing yourself to write is not the most attractive when it comes to fighting writer’s block. That being said if you are able to find inspiration this way it can be a quick cure to your writer’s block. At the very least it will be a reminder that you can do this!

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Write Something Else

If you are stuck with a case of writer’s block towards your book try and focus on writing other things in the meantime. Good options would be writing a blog post or a short story to get your story off that novel. This will ensure that you are writing even while you do fight your writer’s block. 

Writing something else may also be a good way to ease back into your work in progress. If you are able to write anything while you have writer’s block you should do it. 

Writing something else may help you regain your passion for your work in progress. It may on the contrary lead you to realize that you do not have enough passion for your WIP. In that case, the solution to your writer’s block may be discovering writing something new.

Stop Thinking About How to Overcome Writer’s Block

It can be easy for writers to overthink things. One thing that can easily cause a writer to overthink is writer’s block. When you can not bring yourself to sit down and write the first thing that comes to your head is writer’s block. Those words can cause you to panic.

Take a deep breath. While it is great to write every day things do get in the way. Some days you are simply not going to be at your best. That is no reason to freak out.

If you begin to tell yourself that you are suffering from writer’s block it may end up causing writer’s block. Once you begin to tell this to yourself you will begin to get down on yourself. You will lose confidence because you think you are unable to write.

Before you think about ways to overcome writer’s block, take a deep breath and try to focus on your story. There is a good chance that you are making this harder than you have to for yourself.

Overcome Writer’s Block by Setting a Deadline

Back at school, there was nothing more motivating than due date to get me working on a project. Sometimes all you need to overcome your writer’s block is a bit more motivation. Try to set a deadline for yourself and recruit a friend to hold you to it. 

That boost in motivation might be all you need to get writing again. When you feel like there is a limited time you are much less likely to spend days staring at a blank page trying to think of the perfect sentence. You will be focused on getting stuff done.

Be sure to set a reasonable goal when you try this method. If you choose a deadline that is too extreme you risk giving up. That will only bolster your writer’s block.

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Take a Break if Needed

Sometimes you need to take a break from writing. It is possible your writer’s block is trying to tell you something. If you are feeling overwhelmed do not feel guilty taking some time off. Your WIP will still be there when you return. Your mental health should always come first.

While you are taking a break, be sure you are getting enough sleep. A lack of sleep is a big cause of writer’s block. Recharging your batteries may do the trick.


It is easy to feel down on yourself when you are going through a spell of writer’s block. Keep in mind all writers go through it. You are not alone.

Hopefully, these tips can help you get back into the writing groove ASAP. Remember you need to implement these tips for them to work. Sitting around and thinking about how to combat your writer’s block will do nothing productive. Get on it! Once you fight off this writer’s block you will feel 100 percent better about yourself. 

Remember, if you can not shake your writer’s block it is okay. We all realize how hard it can be. There is no shame in taking a break from writing. You can always come back when you’re ready.

Author: Patrick Nilan

Just a young writer looking to take the mistakes I've made to aid the next generation.

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