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Some Tips on How to Motivate Yourself To Write Every Day (And get fit in the process!)

“Writing is like exercise. You never want to do it but you feel good when you do.”  That’s a little…

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7 Tips for Writing an Unreliable Narrator

As readers, we usually blindly trust the narrator who’s taking us through the story. Most of the time we have…

Writing in the morning meme
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5 Tips for Getting Yourself Up to Write Early in the Morning

I have noticed that when I write in the morning I am far more productive. I put way more words…

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Writing Invincible Characters

A common piece of writing advice is to keep your character’s strength within reason. After all, nobody wants to read…

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How To Stop Picking Up New WIPs

Let’s get this out of the way. WIP stands for work in progress. I cannot tell you how many times…

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Should I Write My Book Based On What Is Trending?

No.  Most of the writing advice I’ve found online answers with that same “no”, but I still find people asking…

Meme on chapters.
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How Long Should A Chapter Be?

When I first started writing, one of the things that confused the hell out of me was how to split…

Meme on losing writing motivation.
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Rediscover the Motivation to Write

It’s a writer’s greatest nightmare. You have lost the will to write. Don’t feel down. It happens to all of…

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Should You Edit While You Write?

You finally sit yourself down to write. Then after a tough few minutes, you actually manage to get a solid…

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Avoid Comparing Your Work to That of Others

It’s only natural to compare your own work with that of others. For example, back in school, I’d always want…